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Water described as "hard" is high in dissolved minerals, specifically calcium and magnesium. Hard water may not be health risk,
but a nuisance because of mineral build upon fixtures as scaling and poor soap performance. It is reported that due to removal of scales and increased outflow of water,
the power consumption is reduced byabout 20% resulting save inpower and money.

The Power of Water Conversion Technology

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  • Feature IconHard Water Affects...
    Breakdown of boilers / cooling towers etc., due to scaling and algae
  • Feature IconWho we are?
    With the background of more than three decades in the instrumentation
  • Feature IconWhat is Swachh Paani?
    Unique nonchemical nano-catalytic first-of-its-kind patent registered product
  • Feature IconOur Moto...
    We are committed to serve the industry / people who are spending lot of money on softening
  • Feature IconWhat we do?
    Our clients benefit from our experience in a wide array of sectors as well as from our diverse
  • Feature IconAreas of Application
    Converter is suitable at every place where water is used
  • Feature IconOur Strengths
    Removes Existing Scales & Improves Water Output
  • Feature IconAdvantages for Industry
    No need for chemical, salt or acid for pipeline/valves to clean scales

Potential of Swachh Paani Compared to Existing Water Softeners

Swachh Paani

Existing Softeners

  • Removes essential calcium and magnesium.
  • Adds sodium to water which is highly harmful to human.
  • Recurring expenditure on chemicals.
  • Continuous monitoring and maintenance.
  • Will not remove already deposited scales.
  • Only delays scale formation, but scales are inevitable.
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Swachh Paani Converter

  • No removal of any such useful minerals of water.
  • No chemicals are added or used.
  • No recurring expenditure (Fit & Forget).
  • No maintenance is required.
  • Removes the existing scales.
  • Never allow any scale formation for life time.
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